About scia

Segmental Consulting & Infrastructure Advisory (P) Ltd (SCIA) was established in the year 2009 to cater to the increasing need for engineering consulting services in the infrastructure sector. In the short span since inception, Segmental has established itself in the tunnel and highway engineering domains with a critical mass of skilled technical manpower. As we establish our presence at home in India, we look towards gradually widening our geographic presence beyond our borders.

Although conceptualized with a multidisciplinary approach, we continue to focus on a niche in the tunneling sector including expertise in geology, civil and E&M components. This will be in addition to our existing portfolio of highway projects, expected to maintain continuous growth for the company. We realize the essence of quality in the delivery of services to the absolute satisfaction of our Clients. Our ISO certification notwithstanding, we continuously strive towards implementation of an internal quality control and assurance program for project implementation.


Segmental aims to provide comprehensive solutions from concept planning to the completed project through an integrated team of highly skilled experts with complementary skills. We intend to be smooth facilitators of a process that can take investment initiatives through the entire cycle from inception to the delivery of a desired asset while setting highest standards of service and reliability.

Key to Success

- Provide professional services within time and cost containment.
- Develop a follow-up strategy to obtain continuous feedback on performance from clients.
- Implement and maintain a quality control and assurance policy.

Company Ownership

Segmental Consulting & Infrastructure Advisory is a private limited company registered under the Indian Companies Act of 1956. The company is privately owned by a team of professionals who together bring nearly 50 years of experience in engineering, finance and project management.

Competitive Comparison

Segmental offers its patrons superior service accompanied with state-of-the-art analysis and implementation capabilities. We have built a strong technical back- up resource base to all our project teams so as to ensure an effective response mechanism to on-site issues.

We have built internal business tools that we can rely on to (a) tackle typical project issues and solutions; (b) be used as a means of measuring our own performance on projects; and (c) track information flow through an integrated database management system. All our business tools are with the laws of the country.

Segmental has developed a mechanism to monitor important corporate milestones (project acquisition; revenue and margin realization; staff development objectives etc.). The milestone schedule has ensured our emphasis on planning for implementation with a system in place for plan-vs.-actual analysis, which is updated periodically to compare the variance and plan for course corrections.


- Focus on good quality niche consulting work.
- Achieve leadership position amongst Indian firms in the tunnel consulting sector.
- Become an INR 500 million pure services company by 2019.
- Maintain optimal planning of input resources while maintaining high quality delivery of services.

Our Work

Our Team